Heritage Softail Classic

Saddlebag support systems for Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic Motorcycles.

Preserve the original shape of your saddlebags with Leather Lid Inserts patented restoration KITs.

Features & Benefits

  • » Removes unwated saddlebag sag
  • » Your bags will never shrink, sag, or lose its shape
  • » Restores the original shape of your saddlebags
  • » Provides extra added saddlebag support
  • » Made With Industrial Strength ABS
  • » Made in USA
  • » Lifetime Warranty
  • » Easy Installation
  • » Patented Lid Insert
  • » Superior Customer Support

How It Works

Lid Insert

Form-fitted and molded to perfection, the patented lid insert removes unwanted sag from your saddlebags, repels rain and gives your bags a natural look.

Front & Rear Supports

Specifically designed to keep your bags looking fat and pump under the most extreme conditions. The front & rear support system fits securely between the seams of your saddlebags.

Top Rail Supports

The Top Rail Support slips over the lip of your saddlebags giving them extra added support. Installation is super easy and roughly takes about 15 minutes for both bags.

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